Saturday, April 5, 2008

Playing Chess With Missiles

How quickly we forget. We must remember the Russians are good chess players. Years ago during the "Cold War" the USA put Jupiter C missiles in Turkey. Naturally the Soviets didn't think that was a friendly gesture. So, being great chess players the USSR put missiles in Cuba and said "CHECK!! "

The USA got all excited about the missiles in Cuba but did not inform the American public that we had missiles in Turkey. The entire Stratigic Air Command loaded nuclear weapons and was on the ready before President Kennedy made his public speach announcing the USSR missiles being in Cuba.

The American public was lead to believe the USSR backed down and removed their missiles.
NOT TRUE!! The USA and the USSR made an agreement. The USA would remove its missiles from Turkey and the USSR would remove theirs from Cuba.

Now the USA is about to start a similar situation. Will we wise up and save the world, or will we see Doom's Day?

The USA is going to put "defensive" missiles in Poland and the Czech Republic. Russia doesn't think this is a friendly move. What will Russia do before they say "CHECK" next time?

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