Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Understanding that everything is subject to change and therefore impermanent one wonders why start a blog. How long will it last?

I'm an old man of 86 years, have had a full life of happiness, sorrow, fear, and joy. I'm retired from the USAF and a veteran of WWII and the Korean war. After retiring from the Air Force I was employed by the Smithsonian Institution as an echinoderm specialist.

In my dwindling days of existence I enjoy watercolor painting and writing short articles. I'll be posting some thoughts and watercolors on this blog.

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Materese Roche said...

Greetings Lung Tom, and welcome to the world of blogging!

Why start a blog? It is not meaningless, nor is anything in life that we do with our hearts. it may be impermanent, but it, like anything worthwhile, gains meaning from what we put into it.

I'm so glad you have begun this