Monday, March 31, 2008

Li River, China

The karst topography of the Li River Valley in the Guilin area of China is one of the most scenic areas of the world. This watercolor is a mythical painting from my mind.

The mountains of this area remind me of French bread standing on end.


Lung Tom said...

Hi Materese, I'm trying to get a
Yahoo email address to see if I can send emails again.

Materese Roche said...

Greetings Lung Tom, I received your e-mail today with the beautiful sunflower photo, thank you. Good luck with the e-mail, I look forward to being able to send messages to you! :) Hopefully, you will be able to retrieve all of the e-mails that I've sent you over the past few weeks. If this is not possible, I can print them out and mail them to you.